Ram Gundelli
Ram Gundelli - Founder & CEO

Founder's Story

Ram Gundelli started his career as a software developer in the year 1996 at Hyderabad, India. He started programming in C++ developing client-server applications for commercial use. That was the time when Java programming language was making news headlines. And, various software companies started experimenting with Java on a few pilot projects. Though Java was premature for real production-grade applications, it addressed various major issues C++ was struggling with such as memory management and platform independence.

Ram realized the importance of Java language addressing these issues and thus turned to Java development predicting its great future. And for the next twenty-plus years, he worked for various companies developing applications using Enterprise Java technologies. Some of the companies he worked for were Portal Software, Cantor Fitzgerald, State Street Bank, Intercontinental Exchange, and Citi Group.

Ram worked on Java and other technologies for several companies as a developer, lead and architect. This gave him the opportunity to mentor and train others along his journey which helped him find his passion and purpose. Ram decided to package his vast software development experience and expertise in the form of technical courses to help future software developers write better and robust software.

Ram holds his bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Osmania University and an MBA in Computer Information Systems from West Texas A&M University. He decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dream in the field of education and training industry which led to forming Coursity.com.